Nokia X7 Review

As I was bidding to the near end of my Nokia X7 Trial, I already had so much thoughts in my mind that I would like to express. But, with my busy schedule at work I had to post this very late, it may be a late post but this is still worthy of my time and hopefully worthy also of your time to read. So, the Nokia X7, well as for my impression of this phone you can check it here. I’m pretty much impressed with this phone. One of my favorites that I won’t ever get tired of, is of course its brilliant screen brightness. It just blew me off, probably because I find it very efficient on performing its task that makes the screen viewable at any situation you may possibly think. So let’s start my review or should I say my experiences with this awesome phone. Technically this will not ba full review, since as you all know there a lot of sites that has a full review of this phone. This is more like my opinion and experiences of the phone’s performance.

First off, let’s have the “Form factor”

This phone is equipped with metallic body, the sexy and futuristic form of this phone is really an eye catcher to young generations. Based on the design I find it really nice. There’s only one drawback for me that I find annoying, and that would buttons. I’m just puzzled why the buttons were positioned and made that way. I get it, maybe because of the design, but they also should have considered it’s usability. Maybe if the buttons were a little bit elevated upward, it would be nice compared to just buttons leveled with the surface, which is very uncomfortable to use especially when taking a picture or pressing the colume buttons. If not firmly hold, it may slip off your hand. Which is totally devastating to see your phone gets smashed on the ground. :(.

Now the Gorilla Glass Screen.

It may be made of Corning Gorilla Glass but it doesn’t mean it’s totally scratch proof. I think it is safe to say that it is just scratch resistant. This is just based on my experience with the phone. It’s a trial phone so there are a lot of scratches already visible on the screen. As for my turn, it is really prone to scratches especially, when you put it in your pocket which is where cellphones usually placed. In your pocket you have coins, and keys and other stuff so the phone’s screen is really prone to scratches and not to mention even the camera module found at the back of the phone is scratch prone too. Eventually, you don’t mind your phone getting scratches as long as it is working, but sometimes it’s nice to have a cellphone that looks brand new even if it is already a year old. right?.

Now let’s go to the battery.

As a traveller,I find the X7 not friendly. Basically, because the battery isn’t user accessible, so you can’t bring any spare batteries along with you when you travel. You need to bring the charger and look for an AC. Which is quite a hassle, when if you have spare you can just plug it in and you’re up and running again. But it’s just me, we have our own different opinion. In connection with this battery dilemma, there’s one problem I encountered that is rather disappointing. At one point while I was browsing some videos, the phone hanged with no reason. The bad part is that I can’t turn off the phone, it just froze and I can’t press anything. So what I did was just wait for the battery to run out so that I can use the phone again. Pretty hassle right?!. In fact I hated that situation I had to wait almost all day before the batteries were out. Anyways, you don’t get hangs that often so no worries guys. Just be careful on multitasking with the phone. Overall I got an impressive battery life with a heavy usage of the device. It lasted for almost 3 days. Usage was usually texting, 6 hours of call and always on usage of 3.5g with Facebook and Twitter. I did notice that sometimes when I’m always online with 3.5g connection, the phone tends to get hot and when it’s hot, the battery discharges quickly.

Just a note: As with my experience with the touch sensitivity of the screen, sometimes it doesn’t register at the lower part of the screen. Maybe because it’s a trial phone and has been used multiple times.

Let’s go to the core and beauty of Symbian Anna.

As we all know, the X7 is the one of the first Nokia Handset to be released with the new Symbian Anna OS. Symbian Anna is a complete overhaul of the GUI from Symbian^3. With Symbian Anna you’ll get to experience the squarecle icons which looks funky and colorful.

You’ll have three home screen which you can set with different wallpapers and with a moveable widgets to suit your personality and frequently used applications. You can download apps from the Nokia Store.

In messaging we have the popular split screen with portrait QWERTY keyboard. This is in fact a new feature for Symbian. Since Symbian^3 doesn’t have split screen view.

The Gallery which shows your complete collection of Photos and Videos. You can also view a slide show of your pictures. As for video playback, the phone easily played videos up to 720p HD videos.

Very easy to use dialer. Performance wise, Symbian Anna is snappy. With the upcoming Symbian Belle, your phones performance will greatly improve. This is just a little review for the interface since it has been reviewed many times at some websites. I just covered the basic interface.

Next up, We have the camera results:

As expected the camera results were impressive especially outdoors. The results were pretty identical to the C7 which uses the same hardware with the X7. Here are some pictures that I took.

For average users, these pictures are already great a nd acceptable especially for printing given its high-resolution. As with some pictures, you can clearly see the lack of autofocus. The colors are great and very detailed. As for the video, it can record with resolution of 720p with 25fps. Soon with the Belle update it will record up to 30 fps. I can say that the video and the picture quality is great and just enough to capture unforgettable moments and important occasions.

This review is based on my day-to-day experiences with the phone. Overall the performance was great. If I will rate the phone I will rate it 8.5/10.


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