New Themes for your Anna Phones

There are a lot of Symbian Themes online but so far I like these selected themes. These themes are also posted over at mynokiablog by Jay Montano. It’s available at Ovi store.

Here it is: Woodberry by O3one Kinetics

It has a classic, mysterious looking dark panelling wallpaper going on there which is consistent throughout the theme. Overall, it works together and does look great.

Check out WoodBerry:

Another one:

EX – by Pizero

The 11 O’Clock theme (BST) moves to something slightly lighter again. This is a premium theme that is temporarily free. This one is by PiZero Design.

This has a very autumn feel with those orangey-yellow bokeh light things going on there.

Download it whilst it is free at Ovi Store:


Note: I noticed a little problem with these Themes. When you change to your custom wallpapers there will be some semi-transparent white that will appear at the top of the screen. I hope they will fix this.

Whenever they’ll release an update, be sure to check back over visit Mynokiablog for latest themes.


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